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    Easily increase the equity in your home!

“Your not gonna believe it, but this is what happens! ”
Member since 2011

“Its actually harder to explain than it is to do!”
Member since 2010

The one time membership fee will give you complete access to the Members Only section of our website where we go into greater detail with in-depth factual examples of what members are doing today.

We have created a members only section to get away from the marketing that goes on today. Some websites could be a pinball machine with the amount of advertisements they have all over the screen.

Then you have the self-serving financial experts that will hound you if you sign-up to get a free financial CD. The members at Xtreme Equity decide to make an easy website that tells you exactly how easy it is to use the system.


The name Xtreme Equity was created by our members to tell people exactly what our members have been discussing for years. There is a way to boost the equity in your home by moving your money in a different direction. This is not a get rich scheme. The awareness that is shared on this static website, by members, is a proven method to boosting equity in your home.

Xtreme Equity is owned and operated by Boechel Inc. Boechel Inc. is owned by Thomas E. Boechel who is an entrepreneur and the inventor of Window Wonder @ www.window-wonder.com.

Boechel Inc. provided the funds to create this static website and will continue to fund it with the help of the small membership fees to keep the membership growing. Boechel Inc. is designed to build awareness for its members by information provided by some specialists, hard facts, and experience from our members.


Some of the great things our members have said after becoming members:

This website is for the steady, coupon cutter, live below your means kind of person This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a proven method that helped me get out of debt and double my equity in little over a year without having to get a second job.

No one likes to talk about money to family or friends.

The Golden Ticket (Gift Certificate) was perfect for my daughter who lives away and was having financial trouble. Now she visits regularly now that she uses The Equity Booster, is out of debt and has the extra money to enjoy life.