What is Equity?

eq·ui·ty   [ek-wi-tee] noun, plural eq·ui·ties.  

def. the interest or value that the owner has in real estate over and above the liens/loans against it.

Example:  A property has a market value of $100,000. The owner currently owes $60,000 in mortgages loans that are against the property. The owners EQUITY is $40,000 (see table below)

Over the years, they have carefully avoided tapping into their home equity for unnecessary expenses.

100,000 house value
–  60,000 liens / loans
= 40,000 equity

Xtreme Equity does not promote any bank or financial agency. It was started by a few members that felt it was necessary to give their knowledge to others for the benefit of all. You will see throughout the front end of the website the examples of lack of knowledge or, as we like to call it, awareness. If people are aware of the opportunities available to them, they are more likely to chase and capture their opportunities.

Xtreme Equity is not affiliated with any political party or political organization and we don’t recommend sleeping outside the town square to make a point. Members of Xtreme Equity know for a fact that knowledge makes money, money does not make money. If you doubt this phrase put all your money on your night stand tonight and see if there’s more in the morning. You have to put knowledge behind that money for it to make additional  money for you. Members of Xtreme Equity know this fact! The whole idea of this website is to build our members one by one and have them accumulate wealth and boost the equity in their homes too, by using Xtreme Equity.

The members went back and forth on what to charge for the examples and proven methods on the members only part of the website.  The conclusion was $20.00 for 1 yr membership.  Why $20.00?  Why only 1 year?  Well thats simple.  First $20.00 is enough to offset our overhead like keeping website up, advertising and marketing. Why only 1 year?  Two reasons First:  Members don’t like that automatic renewal that happens online today and its an act of someones god to cancel it. Second:  The system itself is a little complicated in the first 2-3 months but the more you review the areas in the members section over and over you should get the whole system down in a year. $20.00 seems cheap for so much?

You are correct, $20 is cheap by today’s standards.  Members agreed that charging $300-$500 might as well be $3000-$5000.  If you’re trying to get out of debt, you don’t have the extra money.  So we felt the best way to reach everyone was to make it a one time payment of $20 per year.  We’ve already had members that sent in extra money of $100-$200 dollars with very nice cards giving us thanks for helping them on their way.  We’re just happy to help. (see testimonial page)  So please explore the front end of our website and feel comfortable to join our membership and start becoming aware of the possibilities that Xtreme Equity can do for you.  We’ve helped a lot of people double sometimes triple the equity in their home in the first few years! Join the fun Today!!!!