What is equity?    eq·ui·ty   [ek-wi-tee] noun, plural eq·ui·ties.

def. the interest or value that the owner has in real estate over and above the liens/loans against it.

Example:  A property has a market value of $100,000. The owner currently owes $60,000 in mortgages loans that are against the property.
The owners EQUITY is $40,000 (see table below)

Over the years, they have carefully avoided tapping into their home equity for unnecessary expenses.

100,000 house value
–  60,000 liens / loans
= 40,000 equity

Why a membership?

Boechel Inc. was started by members for members. Being a member gives you access to the back of our website “members only” section where members give tips on their past financial successes. And members will soon be able to talk among themselves with ideas and experiences.

Why only $20 for so much information?

The members went back and forth on what to charge. (for the examples and proven methods on the back of the website) the conclusion was $20 for a one year membership. Why $20? Why 1 year? Well, it’s simple, first $20 is enrollment to offset our overhead like keeping the website up, advertising and marketing.

$20 seems cheap for so much? You are correct, it is cheap by today’s standards. Members agreed that charging $300-$500 might as well be $3000-$5000, if you’re trying to get out of debt, you don’t have it. So we felt the best way to reach everyone was to make it as inexpensive as possible with a one time payment of $20 per year. Please note we have already had members that sent in extra money, donations, of $100-$200 with very nice cards giving us thanks for helping them on their way and they would like to help spread the knowledge. We’re just happy to help. So please explore the front end of our website and feel comfortable to join our membership and start becoming aware of the possibilities that Equity Booster can do for you. We have helped a lot of people double and sometimes triple the equity in their house the first few years.

Why 1 year?

Why one year, 2 reasons:
1. Members don’t like that automatic renewal that happens on line today and it’s an act of someone’s god to fix it.
2. The system itself is a little complicated in the first 2-3 months but the more you review the areas in the members section over and over, you should get the whole system down in a year.

Do I have to give my mortgage loan account numbers if I sign up?

No, absolutely not. You sign up securely with paypal by credit card. DO NOT give out your loan or social security number to anyone passing as an employee of Boechel Inc. or The Equity Booster. We will never ask for this information, ever!

If I sign up as a member can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee 100% money back guarantee. We ask that you make a conscious decision to join our group. The fees associated with signing you up and canceling your membership are cost prohibitive. All cases will be handled on a case by case basis by Boechel Inc.

How do I know my personal information is protected?

Boechel Inc. believes in protecting one’s information as if it were our own information. We follow all laws associated with acquiring information and take steps on our website to ensure we are adequately protected.

How do I pay/join?

You can easily click the paypal button and pay by credit card or if you have a paypal account you can use that account. You can also pay by check (contact us page).

Do I have to join your bank to get information?

No, you can stick with your current bank, just use their procedures to your advantage.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?

Yes and what a great gift to give to someone, knowledge. Go to gift certificate page and you will be able to send this gift of knowledge to one or all of your loved ones and/or friends.

Do I need a financial advisor?

No, anytime it includes finances it’s recommended to seek a professional if you are not confident in your abilities. After becoming a member, reviewing our members only section we are sure you will be a lot more knowledgeable about mortgages than you can imagine. Once you figure it out and get in a groove on your own, you don’t need anybody.

How do I pay more money to thank you?

You could purchase more gift certificates for family or friends, and help everyone out or send a check to Boechel Inc. (see contact us page).

How long has Boechel Inc. been in business?

Boechel Inc. has been in business since 2005.

How do I know that your Equity Booster system will work for me?

We are confident it will and we guarantee that you will learn 3 X’s your $20, if you join our membership, just by the tips the other members have shared.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

Check with your financial planner or accountant, it possibly could be. The Equity booster is a for profit company.